Tutorial Suggestion: How to install, configure and use Remmina

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Could you consider create a blog/tutorial to show how to install (mandatory for Fedora and already available on Ubuntu) and how to configure and use Remmina?

I use Remmina through a LAN with the RDP protocol, but there are 2 more VNC and SSH. I know use SSH through terminal … but I am curious how to use Remmina with that 2 approaches.

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This is indeed a nice suggestion @Manuel_Jordan

We’ll be covering it in the next two weeks.


Could you clarify a bit more on this, please?

Could you clarify a bit more on this, please?

Yes, it about the 2 following Figures

Therefore I use normally the RDP protocol, but about the other 2?

In some way with this software is used, the many fields about settings give the direct impact of complexity. I watched some video tutorials through YouTube. The current tutorials around the web are not well expanded …

I think it would be perfect for itsfoss do/expand (if exist) a tutorial about this valuable tool.


They are different protocols you can use to connect to the remote server. SSH should be command line primarily (in my opinion).

It should not change much for the end user barring some performance difference experience. The client UI is the same and the remote server will look the same (except for SSH probably).

This is all my guess work and I’ll have to experiment with it to see it first hand.


I see … but if each approach can be covered, is valuable for the reader, because is more clear what option/approach to use.

The most important is cover the settings, it has many fields, some are obvious and other not.

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Of course. Will try for each of them :slight_smile:

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