Ubuntu 19.04 stuck on purple screen

Good day

I have issue with Ubuntu 19.04 stuck on purple screen and tried the vi /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and also uncommented #waylandenable=false. When I reboot still getting stuck again.
What should I do or where am I missing a point?

Should I save after uncommented : waylandenable=false

Hello Chaka welcome to the Forum.
I have a question Ubuntu 19.04 has ran end of life since 23rd of January, any way you can upgrade? I highly recommend upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04. As the purple screen error won’t get fixed as it no longer gets bug fixes or security updates. Link below will tell you more.


Thank you mate, I will try to upgrade to higher version of Ubuntu. I will update you of the outcome after the upgrade.

Thank you once again mate.

No worries, Chaka, Always happy to help if I can.