Ubuntu 19.10 is releasing today

In case you are wondering about the new features, I made a list:

If you are using Ubuntu, will you be switching to 19.10?

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Thank you @abhishek will read it later after I have had my morning coffee. Have a nice day

still using ubuntu 18.04. i prefer LTS version xD.

And I’ll recommend staying on 18.04 and wait for 20.04.

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I’m running 19.04 on three of my “rigs” - so I’ll probably “do-release-upgrade” on them over the coming days.

My desktop machine (“gaming” rig with NVidia GPU) I’ll probably keep as 18.04 (the others are all laptops)…

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Still not available to uprade from the CLI (I don’t do updates/upgrades through the GUI)

Neither :
sudo do-release-upgrade
sudo do-release-upgrade -c
work yet - but - the repos are there in the default AU mirror (and I downloaded “final” ISO of 19.10 from there yesterday)…
— edit update —
I forced it to use mirror.aarnet.edu.au in /etc/apt/sources.list (after backing up /etc/apt/sources.list) - then did
sudo do-release-upgrade -d
(inside a tmux session so I can reconnect)…

This is a test machine I’m evaluating - until I can afford a 512 GB mSATA SSD for it…
So far so good…

Tested it out last night in VB. Only spent a few minutes with it, but I am pleased with what I’ve seen thus far. It’s the best-looking release yet, IMO and runs surprisingly smooth and snappy even in a VM on my 9 year old laptop.

Only thing I still don’t like about Ubuntu w/ Gnome DE, specifically, is the higher memory usage. It’s a nit-picky thing, but IMO, if other distros and other DE’s that have tons more options and features (out of the box) can do so using less than 750MB at idle, why does Ubuntu Gnome still use 1 to 1.2GB at idle. Why is Gnome so memory-heavy when it’s arguably simpler (on the surface) than others?

Other than that, this release has actually raised my eyebrows a bit and is making me wonder if I should try using it again for daily use.

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