Ubuntu 21.04 defaults to Wayland

Let me know, how your experience goes. Any issues?

Even though, there is a possibility to go back to the old known environment:

The good thing is that switching back to Xorg from Wayland is a matter of a few clicks. You just have to figure out if you cannot function well without Xorg server.

Please, do not prematurely switch back on the first issue!

If much more people would use Wayland now, many more hard to find issues would probably be discovered, fueling the development of this new display server. Then it could be even more refined and it would become much more than production ready - it would mature and people would stop fear the change from icky stone-old X11 to the plain better Wayland.

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Wayland has less support for applications that may detrimental to use

I’d be using it yesterday if Symless (developers of Synergy) would get off their arses and port their product to be Wayland compliant… it’s the “last thing” stopping me going to Wayland…

Wayland is the default, and it’s got all this nice “out of the box” stuff in it too - like trackpad gestures…

I’m ready to go once Synergy runs on it (or a competing product solution comes out that works across Linux on x86_84, Linux on arm64, MacOS on x86_64 and arm64, Windows on x86_64 [and maybe even Linux on armhf]).