Ubuntu not finding touchpad

Hi - I’ve recently purchased a lenovo laptop for my son, who installed ubuntu 20.04 on a dual boot with Windows 10. All works apart from not being able to use the touchpad, an external mouse has to be connected. We contacted Lenovo support who were very unhelpful, they basically washed their hands of it and told my son to switch back to Windows and that was it. Can anyone pls help with this?

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Please post the precise model number of the device.

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Lenovo ideaPad3 81wd

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Look at these posts.

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Thanks for the links. Lenovo were no help and I really don’t want to switch back to Windows if I can avoid it.

First off, Welcome to “If’'s Foss” @Dowo. I perform a quick search and found a lot of posts with the same problem. I’m no expert so I don’t know if this is the answer.
Bad News - Linux does not have a driver for the touch pad in some kernels.

Good News - changing the kernel may correct the problem. I do not know how to do that, but here is what I found on the problem you are experiencing.

Re:Touchpad not working on ideapad 5 14iil05

2020-06-23, 16:27 PM

Greetings, recently bought the ideapad 5 14iil05 (i7 10th gen, iris) and I was having the same issues after clean install Ubuntu 20.04 (5,4 kernel).

I couldn’t get sound neither touchpad to work together, once I boot I don’t get sound (coulnd’t find sound card, so no input no output, nothing),
second time sound is working, but can’t find the touchpad, like it doesn’t even exist,
and sometimes even both were broken at the same time.

I decided to downgrade to kernel 5.3 as I saw that comment here, thanks, got everything but the microphone working.
As it wasn’t the option as I’m using my microphone daily, I decided to try to upgrade to the latest version of a linux kernel (5.7.1).
After I installed kernel 5.7.1 and everything was set up, restarted the laptop and everything was working.

I know it is not a good practice of upgrading kernel manually, but as an ubuntu user it is the only option for now I guess, nothing is broken, everything works out of the box.
Besides fingerprint sensor and a touchscreen, which I never intended of using anyways.

Hope this helps someone!

Many thanks and yes the kernel seems to be the way forward. I will give it a try and post results. Once again thanks for your help

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