Uninstalling old kernels

I regularly compile R. It does not list dependencies. You just slog through the configure… many times.
There is often trouble with libraries. Some things need other compilers apart from gcc… eg R needs Fortran.

In BSD installing by compiling source is called using a port.
Comes from the word porting which refers to adapting a program to make it compile in a particular distro.
FreeBSD used to have lots of programs that were only available as ports, not as binaries. Not sure if that is still the case today.


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I see. So multiple compiler might even be needed.

I also realize BSD is different to Linux distros in a number od ways.
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I am sorry that I failed to get additional info for my post. I was excited that I got a “hit” for my search and did not read enough about the posting I found it on. As Neville said,

which I did not know. I looked for dnf.conf too and my system did not have it either because I am running Mint which of course is base on Ubuntu which is based on Debian.


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no need to sorry. That´s no problem at all. We could find the explanation after all.

Although I have no rpm-managed system running at present it´s good to know about dnf. Thanks for the info about that.

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