Update to LM 20.2 available

Hello all,

for those who are not aware…The update to LM 20.2 is available:


I just upgraded from 20.1 without any problems.

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Upgrade went well here also :slight_smile:

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Upgraded the other day, smooth as silk XFCE edition. Though will be doing install from ISO this weekend. I don’t need to backup anything as don’t keep anything important on my machines, always on separate drives or up on Dropbox.

Smooth update here too, from 20.1 Cinnamon.

Gotta give the Mint team their due, they really work hard in bringing a really good experience to everyone, with their different environments. Though I’m curious if upgrading this way, there is a lot that it can’t upgrade? Hence why tonight I will be installing Uma from ISO.

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an upgrade with a point release is pretty good. But I always do a fresh install with major version jumps. I.E. from Mint 20.x to 21.
Either way Mint does do a good job on the new releases.