Upgrading the server today [Completed]

I am upgrading the server from Ubuntu 16.04 to later versions. Forum will be down for some time.

Thanks for understanding.

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Upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 completed. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Just wondering: Why 18.04 and not 20.04?

I assume it’s safer to not skip any major version. Additionally, it perhaps for this server use-case does not make much of a difference either way, so it could just be easier or more convenient to upgrade to the next major version.


well, I guess, the boss knows what he’s doing.

The server was using 16.04. The upgrade path is to 18.04 first and then to 20.04.


Thanks very much for your work on the site. Sure that we all appreciate all you do.


Great work appreciated
Why did you choose this and not another Linux version ?
Just out of interest what does Ubuntu offer different or better
Do you self host or is it in a central place ?
Servers like this are not in my knowledge base, I leave my hosting to a professional company so just interested
Perhaps you coukd do a report on what you choose, why, what it’s based on in terms of hardware and where it’s hosted … this may be a user guide for others ?

I use DigitalOcean cloud services. Their Discourse script (for deploying a Linux server preconfigured with Discourse) was only available with Ubuntu. Basically, I did some minor configuration and rest was handled by the DigitalOcean scripts. Easier for me at that time.

The server is a virtual machine with 2 GB RAM and 50 GB hard disk. It has daily auto-backups enabled.

These days cloud services offer range of scripts/one-click apps to deploy a server with a pre-configured service like Discourse, Ghost, WordPress, Nextcloud and more. Makes the job easier for hobbyist people who can manage stuff on their own to an extent.


Thanks for sharing that info, interesting.

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