Upgrading to 18.10


If anyone is interested in upgrading 18.04 to 18.10, be aware there are many so called tutorials out there that tell you how to do it that make life hard for you. I had installed Bionic on pc which my wife some times needs to use when she helps our son out. it was so out of date that after I updated I felt it was best to do the upgrade at the same time (I know its LTS but just the same). After looking at other sites, this was the easiest and best . https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-upgrading-ubuntu-desktop#3
Although it took some time I had no problems with and everything is where it was. I know some like to have the latest so I thought I’d post this for those ones


i’ve only ever run lts versions. i’d be interested in hearing how you feel the .10 compares if you feel like sharing any thoughts :slight_smile:


Didn’t have enough time to have a full play on it, first impressions are that it boots quicker and looks better. There seems to be a lot of work gone into it. I still think it lacks TimeShift as standard and you still have to install Synaptic Package Manager. Personally I would like the updates to be clearer as well. Then I use Mint most of the time so I am used to having these. I do like it a lot better than 04 and I think most will do so. One think I did notice is that no matter what DE you care to use on it all load fast and work well. So yes it is worth trying out.


i appreciate your feedback. my main distro (bodhi) only uses the lts releases, but i may give 18.10 a shot in my ubuntu mate partition just to see what it looks like


I have ubuntu 14.04 and can upgrade to 16.04.5LTS with the upgrade button. Do you think it would be as easy as your 18.10 upgrade by just following the prompts ?



I think it might IF you follow all the steps it suggests. I have TimeShift installed as a safety measure as well. This is the Official Ubuntu site so … I only used it for 18.04 to do it - Just be careful and if you really want to do so follow ALL the steps - It is your choice - honestly I just don’t know if it would work or not