Use SD-Card slot to save Live CD session

Hello, I´ve had some success using persistence with Live USB created with GUIDUS and I used it on some old computers whose HDD had died ; but then I ran into that old beaten up laptop without any HDD where using the USB was not an option ; so I made a custom live CD of Lubuntu 18.04 using Cubic and was pleased with the result except for the settings that would (as expected) be cleared at each reboots. Then it occurred to me that I could put an SD card in that built-in reader the laptop has underneath ; I could not boot from it but I could save those settings on it achieving persistence like I did with my GUIDUS USBs but short of designating the SD card as Home (which I do not know how to do with Cubic) I would not know how to direct the Live CD to read persistent data from the SD card… Any thoughts on how to do that ?


I have no idea how to do what your asking but I think it’s an ingenious solution if you can get it working.

Well, I found the answer to my question in a 2014 article:

Basically, all I had to do is partition/format my SD card as EXT3 with casper-rw label, install it in laptop slot and add the persistent keyword after the boot=casper parameter… So simple I am ashamed I asked.

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Hello volpe.dimitri.
First of all, any answer is simple once you know it… 'till then they’re all difficult.
Second, never be ashamed of doing the right thing, that is, to share with this community every though/doubt about any pertinent matter.
Third, even if posting here was not helpful for you, it will be to others (hence the good thing).

So, thank you for sharing.

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