Using Linux on Chromebook

I want to install on my Chromebook. Tried but I don’t think Linux is properly installed because WordPress is not there. Do you recommend using WordPress on my Chromebook at all and if so, how?

Are you talking about the framework or the website?

I think I’m talking about the framework. My goal is to create a blog using However, when I download it from their site, the zip file appears. I unzip it but then what? So I tried to drag the unzipped filed to my Linux file folder but that didn’t work. I never saw the terminal when I tried to make Linux work. I am totally new to Linux and when I Googled how to best use WordPress on a Chromebook, it said that I should use Linux. Have you tried this? Do you have a Chromebook?

You keep quoting that, so you might’ve been talking about the website, especially since Chromebooks are all about “web apps”, i.e. just links to websites.

What have you done exactly and what failed?
Elaborate as detailed and precisely as possible.

I wonder why you are trying to install WordPress on your Chromebook. Are you aware that your Wordpress installation will live on your web server?

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