Weird software?

Updated Firefox a couple of days ago.
Went to re-boot (not really necessary but it’s something I do)
Anyway, computer got ‘stuck’ with ‘Secret Storage’ still running.
I forced quit but wonder what is secret storage? Is it part of Mint or is it something that’s snuck in somewhere?
I also have an issue with ‘Extra Pane’ when opening any folder, it’s mostly annoying as it wont switch off without going to ‘View’ and turning it off manually. On very rare occasions I found it useful but it’s mostly annoying.
Oh, running Mint 18 with all latest updates including latest kernel (probably some I didn’t need?)
Hopefully there is a simple explanation for both?


I think that “secret storage” relates to the keyring in Linux. Do you use automatic login?

More information on the keyring concept:

Could you please share a screenshot of this issue?

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Nope, don’t use auto log in. My stepdaughter has issues so I want screen to auto lock if I forget to lock it.
As for ‘extra pane’ it opens automatically no matter how many times I hit either F3 or close it (open view in top menu and Extra Pane is always checked)

Oh, I sometimes get asked for password to shut down computer, is this normal?
If I turn off wireless and disconnect wired modem, computer boots ‘differently’. I have found boot order different plus disabling ‘Boot from online boot agent’ was often checked as first option although since setting it as last option and disabling it again it’s stayed closed. I haven’t been able to completely remove it as it’s in BIOS (I don’t want to mess around in there)
As I have no idea what I may be looking for I’m unable to say if I’ve been hacked.
I don’t use computer for online banking and Paypal rarely has more than couple of bucks to ‘steal’ so I would notice if it went missing.