What Is Your favorite Open Source App?

My favorite open source app would be signal:

Of course, it’s tough to choose one while I’m using several others (which are also useful to me).


It’s actually funny how many open source apps there are that a lot of people use and people don’t even make up their mind about it being open source. Sometimes they don’t even notice.
This applies to browsers and other tools.
But if you’re really strictly looking at who is using such software, basically every Internet user, uses FOSS to some degree. There is OpenSSL, Linux, other components I don’t remember the names of, etc.

So the point for me is that I use a lot of great F(L)OSS, so that I cannot really decide what is “best” or “my favourite” . It depends on the area.


Home from work - stinker today must have hit 40 celsius, and it’s still over 30 at 19:30 - having a few coldies (chilled white wines) and spotted this meme about metal :slight_smile: :

Truth be known, I prefer black metal, to death metal, but most folks wouldn’t know the difference between Metallica and Watain :smiley:


maybe we can have a separate thread for “meme collection” :stuck_out_tongue:? That would be a treasure xD

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I kinda thought spicing up any thread with some dank, or even spicy, memes would perk the place up a bit - seriously, I actually once worked as an undertaker*, and sometimes this forum seems as dead as a mortuary :smiley:

  • my wife still is, an undertaker :smiley:

Speaking of FOSS:

I just found this new IM. I like P2P networks in general, but there are some areas that I just don’t find useful if based on P2P technology. Therefore I’m happy this new IM is actually based on a centralised server approach.

I found this IM by checking out new apps on F-Droid.

The description says, that the Android client is based on XMPP’s most popular client, so I was not sure if the server is just another fork of XMPP based servers. However, the server seems to be created from scratch, so maybe it is indeed something new, which would be preferable, of course.

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Geany programmer text editor runs on all Major Platforms

Mine is LibreOffice, runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. Also Firefox, Thunderbird, VLC Mediaplayer and TeamViewer… Thanks to Akito I am able to correct this message because TeamViewer is NOT open source!

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Would be too nice if TeamViewer were open source. :laughing:

I’ve been using Sayonara for quite a while now, and IMHO, it’s got all the others I’ve used over the years, beat.

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Apart from Firefox,VLC and Libra Office suit, I use KSnapshot a lot for cropping pictures and grabbing sections of screen. I find it easier than a more featured program for simple stuff (GIMP has a pretty steep learning curve
)It’s particularly useful when trying to explain something remotely as you can send ‘big picture’ plus an enlarged section as a detail view. I’ve even taken a pic’s of a quick sketch, took 20 seconds instead of drawing out in CAD

Agreed… Decided to kick the tyres on 1.4.1 (Sayonara) again - seems more stable than 1.3.x… Originally ent back to 1.3.x when I had problems with 1.5.1, which is “buggy” and hasn’t been updated, can’t remember my reasoning for eschewing 1.4 in favour of 1.3… I think Sayonara is the one app that I cannot live without :smiley: … just wish Lucio would update it…

Inkscape and GIMP. I have no idea what I would have done without those.


He Man, looks down this pic, but skelletic is enjoying it :skull_and_crossbones:

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Currently with Windows 10 ( 2017 ) is pretty nice; but love Linux too.
Vlc media player is favorite for both. :penguin:

Live OS Tails 4.2.2 :1st_place_medal: on a USB stick packing Tor Browser; :trophy: not only best for security and being able to see more than dougal US Inc allow but so fast and silent that I keep forgetting that I am only in RAM. You also get to travel around our planet for free! Tails has received the Mozilla Open Source Support Award (2019 and 2016), the Access Innovation Prize (2014), the APC FLOSS prize (2014) and the OpenITP award (2013).

For me it is definitely Gramps. Gramps is a family tree programm. It has an easy learning curve but but at the same time offers a very complex and well organised data interface. It runs on Linux ( I use it on Ubuntu), Windows and Max OS X. It can import and export using the GEDCOM interface. It has several possibilities of displaying the data on the screen and can generate data sheets from each entered person also containing the pics that have been added. I think it’s the best genealogy program around.
Regards from Germany!


i love vim, tmux, mpd, ncmpcpp, weechat. i use them all day every day.

My favorite depends on task but I like Audacity, Gimp 2, OpenShot, Libreoffice and testdisk.


Aqualung, the lightweight gapless music player, which, after it disappeared from the Debian repos, and therefore the Ubuntu repos, I had to compile it myself. I got tired of it, and moved to Manjaro, which compiled Aqualung from the AUR in about 5 minutes, instead of dependency hell with Ubuntu.

I’m sticking with Manjaro.