When 2 capitalistic giants fight, I laugh

Nice to see such a battle of capitalistic giants. Time is more than mature to experience parts of the system mauling each other.


Google’s also gotten pulled into that whole mess now, since the Play Store followed Apple’s lead in this regard.

(One can debate the merits of walled-garden app stores or the gatekeepers demanding their percentage of all transactions that happen within their ecosystem, but nobody from Epic should be pretending that any of this is a surprise — those rules are printed in like 3-foot-tall flaming letters etched onto the outside walls of said gardens.)

I dunno, this one doesn’t really do that much for me — Epic is neither big enough to be the sort of faceless behemoth I can root against unrepentantly (they were hardly notable at all until the Tencent deal and their very recent Fortnite-fueled levelup), nor are they remotely small enough to fit the scrappy-underdog profile or be remotely sympathetic.

… *shrug* Just doesn’t have the quite the same “Clash of the 800-Pound Gorillas” feel that you get with a round of Oracle v. Google, or another Samsung v. Apple dustup. For those, I’ve been known to pop some popcorn and pull up the recliner, then settle in and unashamedly root for “everybody loses because all involved parties are turrible”.

Apple is much worse in this one and i general.
Apple may be worst of all of them.