Which Linux distro is best for a beginner who wants to permanently migrate to Linux from Windows?



Linux Mint is up there with the most popular distros. Most Ubuntu-Debian distros would be suitable for newbies. All non-Ubuntu distros have issues which may defeat a newbie. There’s always time to experiment with the other architectures when you have a little more experience and have learned the basics. Believe me, I’ve been there.


Solus is great. Not for a beginner though. Many great features would be lost on someone who is just starting with Linux.


When someone says - this Linux Distro is close to Windows…I think they mean - it’s looks are close to Windows looks. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a good thing. In my opinion Windows is somewhat ugly and limited so in my mind it will never be a good thing that Linux Distro looks like Windows. However, if that is what takes for someone to give it a try and possibly switch to it, by all means. In my opinion, what Linux is giving us is: flexibility, diversity, customization, simplicity, open source… It brought fun into computing. Those Distros that are most beautiful have nothing in common with Windows, and that is a good thing.


Totally agree. Linux Mint Mate is my choice ever since 2006…


Linux mint off course !


Agreed! Linux MInt is easy to install and configure. The UI is similar enough to “Windows” that a newbie can easily navigate the menus with confidence of expectation and makes transitioning from “Windows” a snap.


They have snapd avaiiable now too. I’ve installed Skype using snap. Solus is growing quickly. I am surprised how refined and polished it is. Haven’t seen any real bugs yet…, considering it is a rolling release.

Linux Lite is another favorite of mine, based on Ubuntu LTS. Also quite polished and easy to use. I had no problem with it for years.


… and need to use terminal to update at first. Software Center tends to hang.


ZorinOs or Xubuntu


Almost all of the Debian/Ubuntu based distros (e.g. Mint, Ubuntu, SolydXK) are farly simple to install, offer a variety of desktops (personally I like MATE and XFCE) and include access to a lot of free software through their repositories. Gaming is still a bit limited on Linux, but there have been some interesting recent developments there. You probably can’t go far wrong if you opt for Mint or Ubuntu, and these are distros which will most likely be well positioned to benefit from any advances on the gaming front.


Am using Xubuntu. Customized it into a scientific and programming base suited for my work and saved an image of it. Contains CAD and FEM packages and is easily deployable…


Is it just me, or is Manjaro not one of the easiest distros to use?


In México, I have succesfully migrated many standar users to Linux Mint Mate edition


After trying many Distro’s I would suggest Manjaro for a new user, because they have a good installer which offers many different flavours, Such as Gnome, KDE, i3, Deepin, AwesomeWM. Best of all they have a great community that is welcoming of the new linux user. https://manjaro.org/ give it a look.


For me, as a newbie, I started with Mint. I still love it every minute. At work I use Windows.


Manjaro is a good choice if you have a little experience with Linux or if your tech proficient. Not saying Manjaro cannot/should not be used by beginners, but in general, Mint or Ubuntu are better for beginners for the number of applications and the vast amount of online support availability.


I would suggest any Debian version but particularly Ubuntu. Back in 2003 I messed around with Red Hat and became discouraged. Once I installed Ubuntu I was hooked and only use Windows because I do not have a choice (work). The way I have the current version of the desktop for Ubuntu 18.04 configured it reminds me of Windows 7.


I have used both Mint and Ubuntu. Both are great for new user. My suggestion would be to use Ubuntu with the Cinnamon Desk top, that way you get the best of both worlds and the leap across isn’t so daunting as it could be.


Several Linux distributions I’ve tried, and Xubuntu is (for me) an excellent choice for both beginners- and experienced computer users. I love it!


I am 65 and have said good-bye to Windows since the arrival of Windows 8. started with Ubuntu 14.4, then Mint 18. My preference goes to Mint19.