Why do my backups not completely restore all the files? Solved


i have read that timeshift can be used in the worst case scenario (to replace the underlying system) from a live cd/usb environment. of course you would still need to have any personal files backed up elsewhere, but at least then you wouldn’t need to build the distro and program tweaks from scratch again.

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That is true it is a very useful tool as it is very similar to windows restore but easier to use and IMHO far superior

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not to turn this entirely into a timeshift referendum, but one of the other functionalities i think could be super helpful is that past snapshots can be browsed. it doesn’t work with bodhi’s minimalist de, but in ubuntu mate it certainly does. i can see that being of use if any personal directories are added and maybe a version of a document got erased that the user didn’t notice at the time they needed. all in all, like you said, very useful.

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Hi, Bikrgran,
I too don’t want to pay for off site storage, DropBox is a free service. Yes they’ll want you to “upgrade” to their “Premium” service, but it’s not mandatory. I got 4 GB free, when I signed up, and I only store files. (no Video’s Movies, Music, etc). The DropBox storage, is only for my offsite (ahem) Mission critical files.
So far I have used just under half!
I have one 1TB HDD, and 1External HDD just under, partitioned to 3 drives. That works for me…

Glad you found something that works for you.

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Thanks, Flyboy. I think I have Dropbox…and of course, Google and something else, but most don’t have much space. Still, I’ve been a little leery of the cloud…especially with all the hacking going on. AND like I said, not much of interest to save in the cloud, anyway. I noticed, when I did my backup, how many CRAFTSY patterns I have!! And pictures. I discovered Timeshare in all of this, and it’s like an automatic Windows BU & restore program, from what I can tell. Sort of snapshots, in case you want to restore to a certain time, rather than the whole kit & caboodle. That with my 2 external HD’s, assuming that I can restore from them, I should be in good shape. My Toshiba Satellite is still Win 10/Mint 18.3. It’s my 2nd most-used machine. Considering the nightmares I had with the desktop, I may just leave it alone, and the other older machines are just there because they’re there. I broken Lenovo (case) is used with my ham radio, and is Win 10. Nice meeting y’all and thanks for the chats and helpful feedback.

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