Why does some applications work in Wine and others not?

Hi all,

Why does some applications work through Wine and others not?



Very simplified explanation:
Since Windows is closed source, Wine has to guess what the program is trying to do. If there are enough guesses wrong, then your Windows program cannot run in Wine.


The best way to find out if the program you desire to run works in wine is to check WineHQ app data base. It will tell you if someone has gotten it to work and with which version of wine it works with. Some programs work better with older versions of wine some with newer. I recommend the installation of playonlinux it’s in the repositories of most of the major distros. and once installed can download many versions of wine into their own virtual files so you can try different versions of wine with the program your trying to run. You can find the WineHQ Database here: WineHQ application and more about playonlinux here: Playon Linux Good luck in your search for info.


Thanks to both - I’ll check stuff out :slight_smile: