Wine 4.0 for Garmin Aviation Trainers

Running 18.04
I have downloaded and successfully installed wine 4.0 (synaptic shows it ). Now I am trying to run Wine Windows Program Loader on GarminTrainerSetup_2500.exe to install the Aviation Trainers 600s (it is not a game, I need it for my work, I am a flight instructor) and it crashes when reaching the point when the Windows installation program informs “Microsoft.NET Framework required for Garmin Aviation Trainers setup” and I click on Accept and Install.
My old wine (3.0) with my old Ubuntu 14.04 and my old Garmin series 400s 500s worked just fine.

Could anybody help?

Thank you,

Did you try not to accept but continue?

Can you find out what exactly changed in the dependencies, comparing the newest version to the older versions?

Did you try to use the older Wine with the newest Garmin version?

Thank you so much for your answer

  1. There is not the option “continue.” You have to choose between “accept and install” or “decline”. Clicking “decline” it closes.

  2. I am afraid I am not able to do that. Besides I do not have any more the older wine version. (s.3)

3)I have installed 18.04. only three weeks ago. I have partitions. On the other one there is still 14.04 for a case of emergency. When installing wine 4 on 18.04, I followed exactly the instructions, which said to get completely rid of wine 3. So I did that with the help of synaptic and sure enough it is completely removed.
I intended to follow your suggestion (which I think is great), booted 14.04 and saved the new Garmin there. To my great surprise, it turned out that now also on 14.04 there is the new version of wine. I had always heard that different partitions know nothing of each other (?!).

Anyway, I have learned something: it looks like it depends on the new wine (and not on the new Garmin), because the new wine does not work with the old Garmin versions on the old Ubuntu either (wine 3 did).
So I thought, my best option could be to uninstall again wine 4.0 and try to reinstall wine 3, if it is still available. (Otherwise use the computers of the flight school and show everybody that Linux has problems).
What do you think?

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Yes, it should be available, for sure.
This time, use Docker. Much safer, much more reversible, much more practical.

Thank you again. Docker does not let me register, because I am not (at least) developer. My company is a flight school and this is my personal matter. Everybody there uses windows (sic!)

You neither do need to register nor do you need to be anyone in a specific position. Just get Docker onto your PC and use it.

Install it from the official repository, as described here:

Then take this as a help:

No need for any registration(s).

Again thank you so much. The installation of Docker was perfect (version 18.09).
Most unfortunately I don’t have time at all now. I am working the whole afternoon (I am in Germany, UTC + 2). I will learn with the docker tutorial in peace, because I believe it is generally a valuable tool not only for wine and Garmin.
Thank you again. Have a wonderful day or a wonderful night wherever you might be


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