Working Without a GUI: Article by Bryan Lunduke


Thanks for sharing Cliff, interesting read. Not sure I’d want to do it, but good to know that it is doable if you had to do so.


Thanks for the link Cliff, Interesting I’ve used some of the programs he listed before. But others were new to me. I’ll give them a try just for the fun of it.


I’ve used wordgrinder before - I quite liked it - I think I recommended it in someone’s introduction …

My “introduction” to the interwebs, was via a NIX shell at Uni, using “pine” (ancestor of “alpine”) and gopher, and lynx and ncftp (ncurses driven FTP client)… I’ve tried mutt in the past, to access my gmail, but I find it’s just a hell of a lot easier to do that stuff in a GUI based browser (I don’t use any mail clients - i.e. do all my personal email in Gmail, and work email in Exchange, via the web clients in Chromium).

Some of us are old enough to remember a time where EVERYTHING was a “text” based interface, MS-DOS, DBase III, Lotus 123, MS Word 6, IBM Displaywrite, Wordstar, 3170 mainframe terminal emulator… Heck even Compuserve was mostly done through a telex “terminal” in DOS…

Sometimes, for that old school look, run mpg123 (it’s like cmus - but I prefer mgp123 - I run it via a shell script I call “lumu”) in “Cool Retro Term” and play my music there :


Oh it make remember the time MS-Dos, all in command line.
but it is passed…however even in currently yet is necessary sometimes. :star_struck:

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This sounds like a challenge. Shall we start a no-gui challenge for a week/day? :slight_smile:


OK, I’m ready for the MS-Dos challenge. :rofl:


I had not known or heard of many of these options - Thanks for sharing!

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