I’ve been a fan of Linux and Open Source software since 2009. I will always feel like a noob, at least until life grants me the opportunity to spend vast amounts of time learning.

I work in a very busy shipping department for a large company. The area I live in has a history of being economically depressed and so I have been grateful to have a steady, decent job. We have enough computer systems and computer challenged people working at them to keep me in a constant state of On The Job Training.

I did attend college with the hopes of getting into the electronic side of computers but realized it wasn’t quite what I expected. Two years of college was just bringing me up to the level many younger ones had achieved in high school. When I learned that the courses I was taking were not going to get me into the field but just prepping me for more college, far from home, I knew it was time to find a source of income for my young family.

It dates me but learning to type was on typewriters, PCs were still off in the distant future. My introduction to programming involved holes punched in black paper tape miles long.

My family roots have always been deep and I have no desire at all to live in or have to commute into a large city to work. I’ve been a country boy at heart all my life and am about as comfortable with my Ford 2N tractor as I am with a keyboard.

I’m looking forward to the forum for it’s help, what little help I can offer and just talking with other people that share some common interests.