I have always been playing with computers since I was about 10 years old.
I am a veteran Windows user, since MS Windows 3.11

I want to switch to Linux because mainly, I don’t like where Microsoft is going with Windows 10.

I have wanted to switch to Linux for a long time, and tried to switch a few times before, but never stayed long.
Choosing from the many available distros can be intimidating.
What is a good one to start with?

I managed to install a Linux distro before, I experimented with Ubuntu, and Fedora, but when I stumbled on a problem like a device not being properly installed or recognized, went back to MS Windows.
Also being a PC gamer and not having many of my favorite games available in Linux held me back.

I have installed Linux Mint now, because it looks like a good version for new users, and it has visual similarities to what I am used to in MS Windows.