2 questions about tmpmail

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I´ve got a question referring to tmpmail, which is a fine CLI programme whenever a quick disposable e-mail address is needed.

On Create Temporary Emails From Command Line With Tmpmail - OSTechNix there are good instructions for download and installation of the programme.

A quick overview of the commands available can also be found here: tmpmail man | Linux Command Library .

I understand the command tmpmail -g generates a temporary email id with 1secmail.net domain name.

I used my (own) existing yahoo e-mail account for testing purposes and sent a test e-mail to it. Then I checked my newly-sent e-mail with the command tmpmail .

And indeed: there it was. :smiley:
I could even close the terminal, open it anew and the command tmpmail showed my test e-mail again. That´s because the temporary email id hasn´t changed.

That´s really o.k. so far. :+1:

I noticed when rebooting the computer and doing the same once again (i.e. checking for e-mails) tmpmail says there aren´t any e-mails available. :slightly_frowning_face:

And that´s not because of the temporary nature of temporary e-mails but because of the fact that the temporary email id has changed this time. :astonished:

Hmm, that got me thinking :thinking: and there are 2 questions the answers to which I really don´t know:

  • how long are those temporary e-mails stored? Tmpmail uses 1secmail’s API to receive mails; so it´s surely dependent on their policy.

  • Why is it that a reboot changes the temporary email id and thus avoids the old one to be kept alive?
    Is this behaviour to be expected?

If anyone uses tmpmail as well and knows something more than I do about it I´d really appreciate any comments. :blush:

Many thanks in advance and many greetings
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That’s the API Documentation of 1secmail.

On this website you can create a temporary (disposable) email in a second, that self-destructs after some time.

After certain period of time email will be delated and address will be canceled.


Perhaps you could ask anyone responsible what “some time” and “certain period of time” means.

From my experience with other providers, as I didn’t use 1secMail before, I guess, it should be between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Rarely, some services store it even for 24 hours. However, most delete them after 30 or 60 minutes.

It’s normal for temporary stuff, like temporary mail addresses, to behave in such a way, so it’s not unexpected.
The purpose of such services is that they are strictly ephemeral. Following that, it should not matter to you, if the ID changes. If you want to use a temporary ID, you can just generate one for 1 purpose. One hour later, you generate another one for another purpose and the old inbox contents will be gone, anyway.
If you have a real need for an ID and maybe its contents to be available for a longer period, then temporary mail address services are not that good for that purpose, because they aren’t designed to be in any way persistent, other than those 30 to 60 minutes.

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Hi @Akito, :wave:

Thank you so much for your very quick reply.
How kind of you. :hearts:

Thanks also for the informative links.

So the 1secmail people prefer to stay vague on the expiry time subject as well. That´s a bit of a shame but cannot be changed. Never mind.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I was wondering about that very topic because I was trying to find out something about the expiry time myself and accordingly checked the inbox.
I was waiting for about twenty minutes and the mails were still available. It was just after reboot that they couldn´t be accessed any more.

So everything is as it should be. Good to know. :blush:

I understand. Well, that´s clear for me now.

I was wondering about how long temporary e-mails are generally being stored as the policy of e.g. https://tempr.email is to store mails for the period of one month (as far as I know).

I guess every temp-e-mail-provider handles such things differently.

So many thanks again, Akito. I think everything should be clear now. :smiley:

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face: