20.04 has borked my printer

20.04 is always “discovering,” and “installing,” a printer on every boot. What’s worse is when I get a printer that works, it will only print to a pdf file…
I’ve tried various methods to correct this, but to no avail. Thus my cry for help!!

Solution here: https://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2018/10/canon-ij-printer-scangear-mp-drivers-ubuntu-18-04-18-10/

I realized that after a fresh install, on a newly formatted drive, these were kaput!
Working fine after following Ji M process…

Canon can be cantankerous at times but they are well worth the effort once you get them working.
I remember all the headaches with driver software and the issues that went with them but, Canon is best printer for photos I’ve used. IMHO.