40th anniversary of Microsoft Word

Ok it’s not Linux but computer history and in turn changed the face of computer applications and left us with desktop computer systems

Hands up those who started with
Then with windows
Before moving to a Microsoft word version for dos or windows

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Only as long as it took to abandon Word Perfect and move to Linux and Open/Libre Office

I actually stopped at Wordperfect… moved to Latex and stayed there .
Never used Word. Have recently tried Markdown … it is simple enough for me to grasp.

For me it was IBM DisplayWrite, it was available on Mainframes, but I never used it there - used it on MS-DOS… I still have a copy of it somewhere that I fire up with DosBox for the “lulz”…

I did use the MS DOS version of “Microsoft Word” around 1991/92, but preferred DisplayWrite 4…

When I got my own PC (286) I decided I simply had to have Windows 3.0 and Microsoft Word for Windows…

MS word is being removed from W11, in order to push MS Office sales.!!!

I had one of those little paper strips you taped above the functions keys with Word Perfect key combos on every workstation I used. I had memorized so many of them but now I don’t think I could navigate Word Perfect 5.0 with any efficiency.

I use mostly Libre Office Writer or Google Docs but overall I do prefer Word’s layout and presentation.

I NEVER had the misfortune to use WordPerfect…

When I first started doing desktop support - at a LARGE hospital - if I went to do some work on a user’s PC and they weren’t there, and their PC was showing the WordPerfect “Blue Screen of Doom” (sic) - much like with the common meme about being unable to exit vi / vim - I had ZERO idea how to exit WordPerfect, and if Ctrl+Alt+Del didn’t get me out and reboot - I’d pull the power and hope that MS-DOS didn’t boot straight up into WordPerfect :smiley:

I too worked at a large teaching hospital. For the interview they wanted me to teach 123 no problems with that for 10 mins then swap to WordPerfect. Luckily the guy before had left the function key strip in place do I could guess the keystrokes from my experience with WordStar also my knowledge of 123 had blown them away. Lasted 5 years in post but after the first year conversion to excel happened.


My first “IT” job was at a “teaching hospital” - but as a mainframe operator (I’d been there 7-8 years in various admin and payroll positions)… That was where I first encountered UNIX (DG-UX)…

Got made redundant, took the better part of a year off (was studying IT part time, nearly full time) - then got another IT job at an even bigger teaching hospital, doing “everything that involved computers”, i.e. desktop support, mainframe terminals, mainframe emulators in software or on hardware (i.e. SNA / 3270 ISA cards), Novell Netware servers, Windows 3.1 and 3.11, SunOS (the pre SysV BSD versions), and also DG-UX, and even the odd MicroVax, and barely any Windows NT for first couple years (had a CD-ROM server running NT 3.1 in the medical library)… The WORST part of desktop support was printers - I LOATHED them then, I LOATHE them now :smiley: … And of course bean counters trying to penny-pinch, so punters would buy GARBAGE printers that were continually failing… worst ones were HP inkjet printers - I DETESTED THEM!

Stayed there nearly 5 years (and was on 24x7 oncall roster too) - and after leaving I regretted it… Earlier this year I took a look around the old campus (Fremantle Hospital), and yeah, I still miss the place, but maybe it was more about the people - left there over 25 years ago - and kept in touch with a few of my colleagues (none of them still work there either, and only one is still in “the health industry”).

I’m also still in touch with former colleagues at that first big hospital I worked at too - we catch up once a year in February (anniversary of when the hospital was privatised and we all got made redundant).