4G stick called from a phone

Hi all, :wave:

I wonder whether I´m allowed to ask ask a rather general question in this forum too :question:

I specifically chose the section “other distributions” and here “technology” to be as general as possible. :blush:

Well, I´ll give it a shot. I hope you dear folks won´t mind.

As I have recently acquired a smartphone (Samsung / android) I also got a SIM card together with it. I activated it and got the phone finally working.

As some of you may know (I´ve mentioned it quite a few times I think :wink: ) I don´t have a router/DSL-modem but a Huawei 4G web-stick/dongle to access the internet from my Linux PC.
This 4G stick also has a SIM card inserted in it, of course with a different phone number. So it accesses the net via a mobile network.

Out of curiosity I tried to call the 4G stick (which had an internet connection established at the time) from the smartphone.

Well, of course I knew I couldn´t make a call to the stick as it has no means for making traditional voice calls like a microphone or a loudspeaker.

Well, to the best of my recollection I got a “busy” tone on my smartphone.

I wonder: is this behaviour to be expected :question: :thinking:
After all I can send SMS messages to the stick and it receives them without fail.

Many thanks and many greetings.
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Rosika,
If your computer has a microphone and a speaker, I imagine that you could use something like Skype to make and receive phone calls. But that would be using the data link thru the dongle.
I have no idea if the dongle can function as a voice phone. Most mobile phone can do both voice calls and data, so it is likely the dongle can too. Consult its manual.


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Hi Neville, :wave:

thanks a lot for your reply. :heart:

I see. Well, that would certainly be possible. And you´re right of course: Data would be transferred through the dongle.

I looked up the manual for the stick. It´s a Huawei E 3372 LTE USB-Stick.

They don´t mention voice calls there. Well, that´s what I was thinking as well.
The stick fulfills two purposes:

  • it provides internet access to the laptop/PC it is attached to
  • you can receive and send SMS messages through it

I was just asking my (perhaps silly) question as I got a busy tone when trying to call the stick from a phone…
… but sending and receiving SMS messages is possible at all times.

But I think that´s the normal behaviour… :blush:

Thanks again and many greetings
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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