4G-stick Huawei E3372: internet connection via command line?

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referring to my post Transition from 3G to 4G/LTS in the near future - #11 by Rosika
where you kindly helped me with finding the right internet-stick for 4G connection I may now say that I finally purchased the stick “Huawei E3372h-320”.

In contrast to my previous stick (which was a MEDIONmobile Web-Stick (Modell S4012) = Huawei E1550),
the new one no longer logs on to the computer as a modem, but as a virtual network card.
A new LAN interface (“Kabelgebundene Verbindung 2”) is created and the computer connects to this one.

Internet connection itself is established using the stick via the browser.
The respective page is “”. Here a Huawei-powered GUI presents itself and I establish the internet connection by clicking on something like “connect”.

The procedure works fine but I´d really prefer if I could establish internet connection via the command-line.

One of the reasons is that the administration/statistics script I once wrote for my old stick works incorrectly now due to the fact that it´s based on the use of vnstat.

vnstat monitors the newly created interface (“enx001e101f0000” in my case).
This is the background:

The page “” takes a pretty long time to load (about 40 secs.), but it affects vnstat.

This means that vnstat already counts some sort of “data consumption”, namely almost exactly 5 MB. :angry:
At this point I am NOT yet connected to the Internet, i.e. AldiTalk (using O2 as internet provider) cannot bill me for these 5 MB.

Same thing when closing the internet connection at the end of the day.
This already amounts to 10 MB per day. :frowning_face:

The whole thing adds up to a rather large false amount during the monthly flatrate period (28 days). :woozy_face:

Plus: If I use the SMS functionality, it´s same thing again.
Because loading any page based on “” “consumes” data according to vnstat (but not via the Internet).

Therefore my question:

Does anybody of you make use of the 4G internet-stick “Huawei E3372h” and if so: how do you establish internet connection :question:

Does anyone know how to establish the connection via the command line :question:

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Here is my network:

  • E3372 is used a 4G modem connected to asus router.
  • E3372 is also connected to external antenna.
  • The asus router is connected to another asus router which acts as access point.

The other option is to buy a router with 4G sim card. But in my opinion this is the best usage for huawei 4G modems, is to connect them to those routers with 4G usb ports. Like asus routers and tp-link routers…


thanks for sharing the specifics of your setup.
That´s quite something, I´d say. :wink:

Sounds interesting. I´ll look into it.
But for the time being I´ll certainly have to use the stick on its own…

Many greetings.
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are some thoughts, may benefit someone:

  • Consider external antennas for speed. The connectors should be CRC9 connectors as the E3372 modem. Whatever antennas you chose, make sure to get CRC9 connectors or adapters. Aliexpress is my go to!

  • Connecting E3372 to the router allows many devices to connect to the internet at the same time.

  • There are some tutorials on youtube for full installation of these modems to the routers. Asus router will detect this modem on the start.

  • For someone traveling or using public internet or someone who wants privacy and security. I highly recommend to use E3372 modem with those privacy routers such as GL.iNet Beryl (GL-MT1300). This kind of routers use TOR and VPN connections. For portability and privacy this is excellent router. Available on aliexpress!

NB: Not affiliated to any companies or brands mentioned.


Hi, :wave:

thanks for those further suggestions of yours.

Good idea but I´m not very ambitious as far as speed is concerned. In fact I noticed that the Huawei E3372h is noticeably faster than the Huawei E1550 used to be even when using a 3G network. :wink:

Sounds interesting. I´ll look into that. Thanks.

Many greetings.
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face: