8 Subdomain finder and Takeover tools

Here is a quick list of subdomain finder and takeover tools for OSINT pentesting

  • Sublist3r

  • DNSscan

  • Anubis subdomain finder

  • Amass subdomain finder

  • Nmap(dns-brute)

  • Lepus subdomain finder

  • Censys subdomain finder

  • Findomain finder(fastest0

Why is “Sublist3r” the only one with a link and first in the list?

When you check that Link all the mentioned tools are there on the page. All the tools we have mentioned above are in the page where sublist3r is linked. We could not link all the 8 tools, it would be inappropriate.

Thanks for asking

So far you opened 2 threads in this forum and while there was nothing really “wrong” with them, it was obvious to me that the only reason they were opened was to promote your tools. Thereby leeching off the Google coverage this website gets for your tools.

There is nothing wrong with personal recommendations, as many users here did. But I don’t see your actions as “personal recommendations”.

What I also find pretty peculiar is the fact that you seemed to call your own tool(s) the “best” in the specific area. I mean, if a user praises a 3rd-party tool as being best, it’s their opinion, if they are doing it out of personal motivation, rather than being paid upfront, but if the actual owner/creator/whatever of the tool claims it to be the “best” it, to be quite frank, does not seem really modest, to say it mildly.

The point is, you are welcome to post technical stuff here as much as you like it, but please don’t just visit this forum to dump some information on your own tools, without getting involved in the community and (what seems to me like) only caring about exposure.


that is a very polite and diplomatic way of saying what i was thinking after the first thread that was confirmed by this one: these look a lot like spam


Okay folks Point NOTED. I Greatly Apologize for that mistake