A de-snapped Firefox

This is a continuation from another overly long thread.
Facing problems in an Ubuntu Maté upgrade, I kinda got it narrowed down to some snap installs. One of them was Firefox.
Here is where I followed the instructions

I had to manually go into menu edits to make the link visible.
But here is the curious turn.
Before I edited the menus, I used the terminal to start. THe following error messages appeared

GFX1-]: glxtest: VA-API test failed: no supported VAAPI profile found.
ATTENTION: default value of option mesa_glthread overridden by environment.
Missing chrome or resource URL: resource://gre/modules/UpdateListener.sys.mjs

Should I be concerned? It seems to work OK, and these messages do not show up in the GUI.

I was just on Mozilla’s archive today - grabbing updated ESR Firefox copies - unfortunately they don’t have ARM binaries :


I grabbed Mac and x86_64 binaries - I’m running 78.6 ESR (last two years) - but plan to replace with 103.0.2 soonish…

My main reason for running as a “portable” app (manually putting binaries somewere on my computer), is to prevent that hideous (turns out it was Canonical / Ubuntu) situation where Firefox is forcing an update and prevents you opening any new tabs, and I need new tabs to open up new Service Now tickets, and restarting Firefox (unlike ToR which is based on Firefox) it does NOT REMEMBER your opened tabs, and I have to log back into everything again, and this was happening at least weekly, and each time, I’d lose at least half an hour’s productivity…

No doubt I’ll be going back there again - as one of my customers has a system that 100% needs FLASH and JAVA - and neither of which work properly after about 48 of Firefox…

That’s to do with Chrome and not anything else.
I don’t think you need to be concerned.