A Distro Story: Slax

I remember looking for a new distribution to run on an old computer a long time ago. KDE Plasma wasn’t a thing yet, which is why KDE still looked like a GUI for one of those fake laptop for 5 year olds. I found that good, because it was intended to be used by a person which has a hard time using any technology, so having such big baby buttons probably would’ve helped.

So, I found Slax, back when it was still based on Slackware, and found it interesting. Wanted to try it out for that project.
However, it was strictly a Live system, only, back then.
This was also the first distribution, which I converted to an installed system, when it was originally strictly a Live system.

Back then, an interesting and unique distribution. Now, it has converted to Debian. Not sure, if it’s strictly Live anymore, but it definitely has persistent storage available, now. And the base distribution makes it pretty much one of many.
However, in terms of usability, this makes it better, as it is much easier to use. It was hard to get the Slackware methods of doing things, when I was strictly used to APT, etc.

If it has the charm of the old days, it’s worth a look for checking out a not so generic distribution.


Does that mean it has systemd?
Hardly the thing for a lightweight