A Tutorial for a good, easy PW Manager for U22.04 Mate

I could use a good easy tutorial for a PW Manager in non geek terminology. (ya know…easy to understand) I’m old and slow.
I have tried some different PW Managers over the years. I gave up on most, but I’m still working on KeePassXC.

Thanks a bunch

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I might try to write something a little more detailed for ya.

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I have been using Last Pass for the past couple years and it seem to a good PW manager.

Have a good day.

Bitwarden seems very compatible with Firefox and other browsers. I’ve used it successfully for several years.


I started using Bit Warden (premium) earlier this year. It’s been great so far. Bit Warden works in with every major browser and mobile platform. There are also snap and flatpak packages for a ‘native’ app. The flatpak version just works on Ubuntu 22.04.

For many years LastPass was my password manager of choice. I was a premium subscriber. Breaches happen but LP had two back to back. It just gave me the heebee jeebess.

If you happen to be a Dropbox subscriber. Dropbox passwords was decent. I used it for a month or two between the switch from LP to BW.

I tried lastpass for a couple years, years ago, didn’t like it - then they got a data breach so I removed ALL my stuff out and changed all my passwords (I don’t know if my were breached or not), not exactly confidence inspiring…

Many of my customers are still using KeepAss and kdbx files - so I use that for those customers, so I always have a copy lying around for MacOS and Linux (I just use KeepAss2 on Linux).

But - for my most common passwords, I “rolled my own” solution with a bunch of shell scripts, tried using PGP but it’s incredibly cumbersome, then I found “age” encryption tool - and haven’t looked back… That won’t be much help for you - just thought I’d mention it… Best thing I like about having a solution in a terminal, is select to copy the string, then in Linux middle-click to paste it (I believe theres a curses / console tool that’s compatible with kdbx files, but it was a tad cumbersome).

I’d stick with Keepass if I was you…

Keep passwords out of the computer altogether.
I dont trust any password manager software.
In write mine (encrypted) in a notebook.

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Do you lock up the notebook? The cats might be peeking.

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The cat actually sits on it. Biological firewall.