A Web Conference OpenSource Based : Apache OpenMeetings


  • I’m student and i work on opensource we conferencing project

  • I choose Apache OpenMeetings (OM), and now i want to explain the mecanism in OM : Cluster, SIP, Moodle (LMS integration) …etc.
    I’m here to ask help about how the clustering in general and particulary in OM works. What is the advantages making cluster with OM (Two or more OM instances)

I have some questions about cluster of om

In cluster mode, how is the redirection of users to the room appropriate for the server?

What are the criteria?

Are there any configurations to be made at the cluster level to know when it should redirect users ?

We have which advantages with the cluster with 2 or more om ?

Any help will be appreciated, Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Jeffrey - Student in computer science and *nix newbie.

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These are very specialized questions and, I guess, you’ll find more adequate support in the Apache community.

Hello Jeff,

First, glad you chose an open source solution.

For your questions, I agree with @Mina here. These are specialized questions regarding the functionality of a specific software. The Apache community will have far more accurate answers (unless some of our community member have experienced with it).

Hello everyone, thank you for the feedback. Indeed I asked but I have no answer concerning the mechanism (of the cluster wich criteria are in back of the redirect system).

Thank you very much I will continue the research.