About one malicious file

I use Fedora Linux.
I downloaded one tool zip file that was for windows (I realized it later) then I scanned with virustotal and then I realized that it was malicious so I deleted it and cleaned temporary files from settings privacy:

So now I want to know that am I safe or that file is still left somewhere?

If it’s a Windows executable for Windows only, then it won’t do any harm, because it cannot. There is nothing to fear about that.

The actual problem is, how you got that on your computer, in the first place. This is what is harmful and what should be taken care of. Identify the source and try to avoid this type of source in the future. Do not download random stuff from the internet, from untrusted sources.


Oh ok thanks for your reply.

Actually I usually download files from github releases or official websites only and I only use open-source apps I have no single app in my fedora that is proprietary I got this file from discord. I don’t know the server it was direct link of discord cdn. My friend shared me this tool.

Then it’s either a trainer for games, some low-level weird program, that looks like a malicious one, or it’s actually a malicious one.

Therefore, your friend is either careless/stupid or he wants to hurt your computer.