About the Topic Ideas 🗳️ category

Could not find a tutorial on It’s FOSS? You can request your tutorial or suggest a topic here or vote for existing topics.

As you know, the main reason I started It’s FOSS is to help desktop Linux users. This is why it is important that you notify me of the tutorials you would like to see here.

You might face some issues in your desktop Linux life. And if you did not find a good tutorial for your problem, feel free to make a request.

You can also drop suggestions for the topics that you would like to see on It’s FOSS.

Before you rush to submit your request/suggestion, please note:

  • Please ensure that a similar tutorial doesn’t exist on It’s FOSS already. If it is outdated, feel free to send me a reminder to update it.
  • Distribution specific issues may take some time and can only be covered if the problem is reproducible by us.
  • Hardware related issues are tricky. While I may suggest and guide you, a tutorial on the exact hardware is subject to availability. We cannot possibly own all kinds of hardware to test your scenario.
  • Please give us time to come up with the tutorial. Tutorials may take some time depending on the resource availability and work schedule.
  • This ‘feature’ is not for emergency help. For that, create a new thread under other appropriate categories.

I’ll try to put some sort of status so that you can track the progress on your suggested topic.