About this excellent "How to Install KDE Desktop Environment on Ubuntu" article

Hi @abhishek I am José from France,
Thank you for sharing this excellent article called “How to Install KDE Desktop Environment on Ubuntu”

First, thank you for this excellent introduction. Often we see article where we go straight to the code without an introduction (for dummies like me) on why we should or shouldn’t do that :).

Let me share with you and your readers my experience on this installation.

Please, note I am on an updated Ubuntu 20.04, starting from a dual boot (UEFI) on a HP Pavilion with W7.1. And my Keyboard is French! This is important for my story.

Your code works well, thank you.

But my experience was a little bit painfull at the beginning!
I tried several time my password, using my French keyboard … nothing!
I fact, I was unable to enter in a session. A nightmare!

I didn’t notice at the beginning but, at the top of the screen, there are two drop boxes:

  • one for selecting the display manager: Plasma, Unbuntu…
  • One for the keyboard… but only one proposal: US keyboard

Another point I noted later that you have a "failed indentification’ message which stay always visible… even if you enter a new password or the right password (during initialisation). And as in take time for the session opening, your are still trying your password!

How I figure out this situation.
In fact you have also an on-scren-keyboard. Which is in French! And you can set the language.
It seems to me, if you use this keyboard in your language, the language drop box (see above) will show (only) your language.
You can tape your password and wait even … if you have a ‘bad identification’ message.

Sorry for this long message in an English a little bit rusty.

Thank you if you can mention if there is a way to set the initial keyboard language.

Thank you again for your article.
Best Regards, José from France :).

During the beginning of each installation, the user is asked to set the correct locale, keyboard layout, etc. There you need to set everything to your language of choice, which should result in the appearance of this language for selection.


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Hi, thank you for all these answers @Akito

This code has been the solution, I have two languages now et the French one works good

setxkbmap "us, fr"

Have a good time.

Best Regards, José

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Hey, I think Plasma is a good desktop

But I use Gnome Extensions: Especially Gnome Shell Extension Window Session Manager

which allows me to record my current window session and to reopen it later :).

I wonder if there is this kind of extensions on Plama.
Did not find on https://store.kde.org.

Or to access Gnome extension from KDE :).

Thank you in advance for sharing
Best Regards, José


It’s actually already a default setting in KDE/Plasma.

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Hi @Mina
It seems to me this is only for your current windows session just before shutdown.

I would like to record several windows sessions as needed and to open one of them as needed :).

I wonder if it is not more with “Virtual Desktop”.

Thank you for your time. Best Regards, José

How can I delete KDE Plasma Desktop from Ubuntu (with Gnome)

I tried

sudo apt remove kde-plasma-desktop

and I have this message…

kde-plasma-desktop has never been installed!

I installed it myself!

I have no more access to my Ubuntu desktop session, I have to use the recovery mode in CLI! :frowning:

Thank you, José

did you install kde plasma desktop from the cli?

if the article linked below is the one you followed for installation, there are a few different packages suggested: kde-full, kde-standard and kde-plasma-desktop. you should be able to find what is installed by running apt list kde*

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Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, this article and I installed: kde-plasma-desktop
from the CLI command: sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop

(I changed “install” by “remove” :).

From the recovery mode, I have reinstalled KDE-plasma-desktop :slight_smile:

Now I can get into my Ubuntu with Gnome (no try with Plasma, I am a bit scarred)

~$ apt list kde-plasma*
En train de lister... Fait
kde-plasma-desktop/focal,now 5:104ubuntu4 amd64  [installé] 

I tried to remove it again and this time it was ok!
I reboot my PC :slight_smile:

My problem is, although I have installed KDE-plasma-desktop just for the environement, not for the applications, I got:

  • Some KDE applications like Kerminal…
  • Gnome icons have been changed and some of them lost ! Like Ubuntu Applications.

That is why I want to delete Plasma !

I think, the next I will install Kubuntu!

Thank you for your time.


it looks like kde-plasma-desktop bundles kde-baseapps (which includes konsole). icons might be something you can fix depending on which ones you are missing: Missing GTK icons in KDE 5.19