Add to Panel.....Question?

Hello All, I’m back to annoy everyone.

Is there a definition list of all the App’s in the “Add to Panel” in lay mans terms? On some of them what actually happens when you select one, something else happens…at least to me.

I’m old and somewhat stupid, so be nice.



Need some context (and perhaps screenshots) or some coffee to understand the question here :coffee:


Slug, you probably should identify the distro you’re using–they’re all different in the way they handle panels. Actually, the panel is desktop dependent, so that’s where to start.


Using U22.04 LTS
Hello people of FOSS. I forgot I even asked this ?. But anyway… I worded the question wrong.
I was thinking more of SOME of the “Add to Panel” items should have a little more in depth, like a picture of what one has and what adding a topic will do. See upload. Most are clear - Add a Clock! Some are not - The indicator Applets for example.

I know a few years back I clicked on an Applet and lost everything on the top Panel, and could not get the original (from the install) icons to reinstall. And No, I quit drinking in 2012.

Thanks, and thanks to you to Bill.
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