ADE on 18.04 using wine


I need Adobe Digital Editions. I tried to install Wine in xubuntu 18.04 without success. I’m hoping I can get it to run on an older distribution with VBox. Any thoughts about versions or any other ideas?


the link below would seem to indicate that certain editions of ADE play fairly well with certain versions of wine.


This may not be useful, but have you looked into any of these alternatives?


I can vouch for Calibre which I’ve used for quite a while. Give it a try.


Hellow thedells2
You might want to try playonlinux it allows you to use different version of wine and that may be of help in getting Adobe Digital Editions to run on wine. It’s in the repository and can be installed via the terminal with this command sudo apt install playonlinux But as I mentioned in my other post Calibre which is also in the repository is a good alternative to Adobe. Just a thought. Good luck in your search for a solution.


I’m using Calibre to remove DRM. I need ADE to open the ACSM from the library and convert to EPUB which Calabre can handle. I’m going to research the link that cordx mentioned. Thanks


i didn’t know playonlinux did that. good to learn :slight_smile:


Yep, just go to tools tab in POL and Manage Wine versions and it will allow you to install any version of wine up to the Latest. This can be very handy because some programs run better on one or another version of wine. I also like the fact that each program on POL is install in it’s own virtual file.


i had seen that when looking up compatibility on winehq, but didn’t realize there was a way to load different versions. quite cool. i agree this may be helpful with ade since it the page i linked to was fairly specific about which version of ade worked well with which particular version of wine.