Advice on Smartwatches

Since about 2 years I am looking for a Smartwatch worth buying, but I just don’t know what to look for. I don’t have experience with them, so it is hard to decide, as I don’t know what makes a good smartwatch. Reading online articles about smartwatches don’t help anyway, as they are rigged and/or not researched, but just listing some random watches that the article author found.

So does anybody here actually USE a Smartwatch? What’s their experience? What is important, when looking forward to buying a Smartwatch?

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This won’t help you, but I write it. I bought my wife a Pebble Time 2 approx. 3 years ago (IIRC).
It’s not too big, but not too small, just perfect in size for anyone. Easy to wear, fully functional. My wife gets tons of facebook messages, also on her phone. When the watch was new, it’s battery lasted for 4 days with her load (one vibration for every message, SMS, email, etc). Nowadays it’s necessery to charge every second day, it lasts 2 days very easily, but the 3rd day would be unsure…
I tought many times to buy one for myself too, because it’s so awsome, but of course with a “for men” color :smiley:
Sadly, Pebble doesn’t exist anymore, there’s no chance to get a Time2 again…
After seeing my son having a Sony smartwatch, my son in law having some Huawei stuff, later something from Samsung, I still think, this Pebble watch is the most perfect smartwatch.
If someone would start to produce it again…

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Think the questions to ask are
What do you want to use it for
What do you want to get out of it
How much do you want to pay
Preferred mark or system (android or Apple or…)
Connect to what
For sport, leisure, water resistant or more.

My pal has a Apple not sure which one, I tried to use it but the screen was so small gave up on it. But I ditched a watch some 20 years ago as it spoiled the sun tan ! So both much help.

+Akito, it is a spyware tagged to your wrist. Sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, no. of steps, pulse rate and so on.

Correct. That’s why I am on the watch :watch: (haha) for something like this.

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