After using ee Editor my "e"-key is displayed as tildes

@daniel.m.tripp You probably can help me with that. :laughing:

When I use ee to create a new file, the e-key acts as a tilde and messes up my input entirely, even after leaving ee. I don’t know how to stop it, except rebooting the system.

Running OPNsense (FreeBSD) without internet access.


vi has an even worse effect. Can’t do anything after using it.

Apparently this happens when you press Alt Gr with 7 or 0. Seems like a bug, as this is a generic combination that shouldn’t be treated as special when using non-US keyboard layouts.


Seems to happen with every use of Alt Gr.

the only text editor I’ve used starting with “e” was edlin on ms-dos (and it was nightmarish!)… never heard of “ee”… also - I only ever use US keyboard layout… it’s the default in Australia…