Akaunting accounting software no longer free or open source

A quick warning to existing and potential new users of Akaunting. It has been mentioned several times in the IT’S FOSS bulleting that Akaunting is free and open source. However things have changed and now you have to pay. I have used it free for a while but when I logged in this month I was face with a pay wall (no way around it) in order to access my accounting data. No warning was sent to tell me that this was going to happen. Not very friendly to say the least.

It is still open source, but it seems like they just discontinued their hosted free tier, while their on-premise local version is free, which seems completely fair to me. That doesn’t mean it’s not free and open source anymore, just that the version they host on their own servers is not free financially.

It can still be self-hosted for free, and the source code is still available at GitHub - akaunting/akaunting: Online Accounting Software with the latest activity being 3 days ago.

Though, they really should have sent out emails to warn people that the free tier was going to be discontinued for their hosted version, so they could download their data.


Agree with @Nia

It is still open source but their hosted free cloud plan does not exist anymore. They should have warned the existing users so that they could have downloaded their data.

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