All Linux distro update aren't equal

In my first introduction to Linux, I read where the end user is NOT required to install every update or postpone updates that came along. Having said that, which updates are the really important ones (and how do you tell) as opposed to say… database libraries, package updates, etc. I am currently using Linux Mate (single boot) and had a Distro update ( Hirsute Hippo to Impish Indri) knock out my WiFi printer.

It is correct you are never forced to do the updates at any stage, it’s down to you. But the newer version of mint does make stronger suggestions than before.

When you select update, the panel offers a range of them numbered 1 to 5 and usually the first numbers 1 to 3 are selected by default. These can be considered essential to operation of the system.

I have one client who after 7 years has never done any updates ! Only now he finds that some web sites are harder to access due to conversion to https, minor issue for him.

Another never moved version from 17 up to a newer one, again not a problem for him.

Personally I do them all, needed or not.

Thxs for suggestion, I do too. Better to have it and NOT need it than to need it and NOT have it.

I would say that it is worth making security updates a priority, or at least looking at them to see what they are fixing (possibly a good bit more work, and may need some fairly deep understanding of security issues, depending on how much of a deep dive into this you want to go…)

Granted there are differences in how vital different security updates are, but I would want a definite reason not to do one before I’d skip it.

If it is just a general “new and improved” sort of update I’d see it as less critical and more of an optional thing.

Another thing that might be worth considering is that there are sometimes cases where it can become problematic to update if to many versions have gone by between what you are running and what you want for an update. (lots of possible reasons for this)

So overall, unless there is a reason not to, I tend to automatically apply any available updates.


Not really had a reason not to update but as your rely reminds me that any future updates (Libs or dbs) may actually depend on the one that got a away.