Amazon Cloud storage

Does anyone here use Amazon Cloud storage for photographs? They offer unlimited storage for photos to Amazon Prime subscribers but I can’t see how to access it from Linux Mint

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He ended up archiving 1.8 petabytes of data on Amazon’s unlimited plan by creating a computer script that automatically recorded and downloaded porn from livestreaming sites like CamSoda, Chaturbate, and MyFreeCams. Once he hit that number, he simply didn’t feel like continuing on with his experiment, saying that “the project ran its course.”

Amazon ended its unlimited cloud storage plan in June of this year. Some speculate it was due in part to this very project, but beaston02 denied the rumors.

Yes, for sure unlimited. :rofl:


I would imagine he has repetitive wrist strain, by now :rofl:

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a few years ago (this was back when i was still using windows) my brother shared his online music collection with me through amazon. that was done through a browser. i haven’t tried to access anything like that in linux, but know they keep my kindle collection available through a browser as well.

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That is Amazon business plan, it doesn’t matter how you order, through your usual PC/laptop or your Kindle device, it updates itself constantly through its own Amazon browser. Haven’t bought digital music or film yet, still have a physical need to hold CD or DVD case for the notes if they have them these days.

Any way, didn’t Jeff (Mr Amazon) have his private porn snatched by the National Enquirer. Recently.


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hopefully this is what you are looking for.

i went to and logged in. at the top right of the page (underneath the search box) there is a clickable link that says “Hello, username” below that it says “Accounts & Lists”. clicking on that took me to my amazon homepage. on the left side of the page there is a box titled “Digital content and devices”. “Amazon Drive” is at the top of that list for me. i clicked on that and it took me to my cloud drive. listed at left is my total amount of storage and how much is in use. at the top left of the page are links to “Amazon Photos” or “All Files”. clicking on photos took me to a page where i could upload files :slight_smile:


How completely stupid of me!
Simple as web browser access. I got hooked up on Windows, Android and IOS apps…

THANK YOU cordx !!

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i’m glad that helped :slight_smile:

Solved it completely - thanks again, I’ll be going for Amazon Prime just for the cloud storage

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it would be interesting to know if you do run into any kind of storage limit at some point. i know google mentions unlimited photos at some point while setting up photo backup from android phones, but the disclaimer is something about resized photos. feel free to drop back in if you think about it at some point in the future to let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


We’re of the opinion that Amazon Cloud Storage is a nice benefit if you’re already a Prime member for other reasons. Unlimited full-quality photo storage is a rarity: competitors usually offer between 2 TB and 5 TB as their max storage in AWS.