AMD Radeon 530 Driver Issue in Ubuntu 20.04

I am new to Linux and just installed Ubuntu 20.04. I am confused about whether I have an installed graphics card or not. I went through the post How to Find Which Graphics Card do You Have in Linux? and found that my laptop is using Intel graphics card instead of AMD Radeon 530 for VGA Compatible controller. I just want to understand when my laptop uses the Intel graphics card and when AMD. I have posted this question on ‘Ask Ubuntu’ and Reddit but got no response. Ask Ubuntu Link: Don’t find AMD Radeon 530 after installing Ubuntu 20.04. Please any response would be helpful. Thanks.

Welcome to IT’s Foss @deepak7. Sorry, but I can’t help with your question, but I did a search and found some interesting hits that might help you. My search was on “linux switch to graphics card” and 2 hits were: and Hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply. I had already tried these and it didn’t work. I guess I will leave it as it is and really pay attention next time buying the laptop with dedicated graphics card and its support for the linux.