AMD Renoir HD Audio "Off"

Alright people, I’ll try to keep it simple.

My uname is Linux 5.15.0-43-lowlatency #46-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT

What I want to do is enable the following:

And no, “Profile:” drop down menu doesn’t show an ‘ON’ option (doh…!)


Hi @Rohit ,
You are getting a reputation for coming up with impossible problems.

I really can not see anything you can do. If the menu of an app does not offer an item, it means it is not there in the software, for whatever reason.
So you have to change someting in the software.
Things you might try

  • is it the latest package version
  • can you get a later version by going outside the package system to the packages website
  • is there anything in the packages menus that turns things off
  • does this HD Audio thing require a plugin or an extension

Oh, the gas pipeline business is only stage one. What about the bridge?

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Err…not again! Wherever I go, undue bad reputation or complete misunderstanding of my motivations follow!

Hmm, guess I’ll try to see something at the AMD website; see if they’ve some specific drivers of their Renoir HD audio card.

All in good time. We’re living in an era of cataclysmic change and luckily, you live in a country which will be relatively less impacted by the coming “Great Conflict”. Now is the right time to re-read the famous The Clash of Civilizations (1996) by Samuel P. Huntington. Recommended it to my Dutch friend too, but he was apparently too overwhelmed by it and hasn’t finished even after 3+ months!

On a related (and lighter!) note, Alex Jones is fun too! :smiley:


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Will have a look. I like books.


Is that one of those “even a broken clock is right twice a day” things?

Might check that book out … But not sure it’s prophetic… e.g. warmongering and saber rattling seems to be more authoritarian despots trying the threaten smaller neighbours… never mind - might check the book out anyway mate :smiley:


hehehe :smiley: Well, he is like 60% facts + 40% hysterical theatrics/drama. But entertaining like hell!

Sure. It is one of many books and we shall know only around 2030-2040 time period. Read it, then decide. Anyway, each one to himself.