Android tablet as second monitor in Ubuntu 22.04

Halo, I have problem in using my android tablet (fire HD 7) as second monitor. I was following steps explained in GitHub - Prayag2/android-as-monitor-linux: This script will help you use your android device as a second monitor, but I can not install android-tools, and I can not find the IP address needed.

Thank you so much

Could you be a little more specific? Is there an error message or anything?
A quick read of the GitHub states that you must enter the details for the connection in the vnc-app of the Android device. The needed IP address is (as I have understood it) the IP of your desktop/notebook where the tablet is attached to.
You can find it using the terminal:
ip addr (lists all network devices/interfaces)
ip addr show eth0 (lists a specific device/interface)

Maybe I can test this on a spare machine. Seems interesting…

By the way, he created a video for this too:

When I put this command in the terminal: sudo apt update; sudo apt install x11vnc android-tools libnotify-bin net-tools, after updating, in the last line I got this message: unable to locate package android-tools. I tried to google it, I found many options of android-tool-… etc. So I do not know which one. Sorry, I am a absolut newbie, I just love ubuntu, and want to get more out of it.

Because I want to use Android Fire HD 7 tablet, I didnt do the second step in the video (enabling USB tethering for faster connection), because there is no such menu in this tablet.

This is what I meant by “no IP address”

I successfully install the VNC, and the bVNC in my Fire HD 7 tablet. When I open my VNC in terminal, I got this

The VNC desktop is: ttasj-ZenBook-UX462DA:0

Have you tried the x11vnc ‘-ncache’ VNC client-side pixel caching feature yet?

The scheme stores pixel data offscreen on the VNC viewer side for faster
retrieval. It should work with any VNC viewer. Try it by running:

x11vnc -ncache 10 ...

One can also add -ncache_cr for smooth ‘copyrect’ window motion.
More info:

There is no IP address, just like the tutorial in the youtube video in this line

The VNC desktop is:

That is my problem.