Android TV with Ubuntu

@abhishek , it would be great if you can have some tutorials on using Android TV and Ubuntu together. A lot of Xiaomi Mi TVs are sold and there is no proper way to use them together.

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I have a Sony Bravia smart TV. Some time I connect my laptop with it via HDMI.

Can you please explain what do you mean by ‘using Android TV and Ubuntu together’?


Mainly connecting them wirelessly. Currently, I can use my wifi and play media on Ubuntu through VLC on TV wirelessly. That I do with local network share option for a folder in 18.04.

I know that VLC allows casting to Chromecast. But I never had success with that. The media never played and there was a loading ring all the time.

I am not sure what all options I have with Ubuntu and Android TV. Maybe we can do much more than playing videos without the help of an USB drive.

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