AnLinux : Run Linux On Android Without Root Access

Updated F-Droid apps on my phone and saw this:

Offical Website of EXA Lab:


Anyone here using? I’m still a newcomer to Linux so not ready to try myself.

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Yes, same here. Saw it in the News-Section of F-Droid and wanted it to try (because: why not).
Installed flawlessly, I choose Debian, but was not able to get to an actually graphical environment.
Figured out, that it’s necessary to use a VPN client to hook up to the Linux System, but all I saw was a lonely terminal windows…

As of lack of time, I gave up so far, but definetly will try later again…


Please keep us updated. Wondering if you install on your SD card or on the phone itself?


Any screenshot available ? What is it possible to do with this App ?


I’m currently on it, but find it super hard to set up.
As of now, I only have managed to connect to a Termux session.

There is literlly nowhere any how-to or documentation how to set up things from scratch.
Maybe the developers think that ist’s only on advanced users to use this app…
Really frustrating.
And the help texts within the app aren’t this "help"ful at all…

I’ll try for some time though…


So finally I got it to work.
I didn’t do anything different, though.
Step 1: I installed “Debian” in AnLinux (or better: Termux). Copied the commands.

Step 2: Then I started Debian within Termux by running
Step 3: Now I installed the Desktop environment from AnLinux (copied the commands)

Step 4: Launched my VNC client (androidVNC is found in F-Droid) and pointed it to

As you can see, my device is not that powerful (dissorted wallpaper), but it works.

Don’t know, what to do with it now, but hey. It’s coolio! :wink:


Cool indeed. Thanks for sharing with us. A preview of what a Linux smart phone will be perhaps.


Thank you for sharing this, really useful.


slightly off topic - but anyone who’s got a Nexus 5 - the “MaruOS” ROM is pretty cool… runs a Debian Jessie XFCE chroot session that you can access via a SlimPort adaptor (e.g. micro USB SlimPort to HDMI).

Also gives better battery life (Nexus 5 battery woeful as it is) than stock Android or Cyanogen ROM…

I don’t use it that much - but I did for 18 months a while back… pretty impressive IMHO…

I’m thinking of getting a Note 9 with Dex and running Linux on Dex from Samsung - if there was a way to do ethernet properly (my work’s wifi is abysmal - practically unusable)…