Announcing: Linux Pocket Guide 4th edition (free chapters)

I am pleased to announce the early release of 3 chapters of Linux Pocket Guide, 4th edition from O’Reilly. They are available free to read. The full book will be published in early 2024.

This is my book’s 20th anniversary, and I’ve added a bunch of new material. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


I have only one Linux book on my desk and it’s getting so old and worn have been thinking of replacing it
Linux pocket guide 2nd edition 2012, 8th release.
I had not associated the book and you, although your name is on the cover the image of the old western cowboy does not match your profile image (ha ha ha)
Was disappointed with the 3rd edition but cannot give a good reason just large sections I never used.
Look forward to edition 4 and seeing if I can replace the current one.
Please remind us when it is published


The company I work for has now dropped our O’Reilly subscription. Over my objections. Oh well. They say they are working on a replacement and it currently sounds like Udemy.

Until then I found this site with many older books in PDF format, including Linux Pocket Guide, 3rd edition.

Sadly, pdfroom is a pirate site filled with illegal copies of books. Neither O’Reilly nor I have ever given permission for them to give away copies. We also cannot confirm that the PDF data is correct or whether it contains malware.


Thanks Paul! I hope you’ll enjoy the 4th edition. I’ll be sure to post when it’s available, but feel free to check out the free early-release chapters now.


I wondered if that was the case.