Another Victim of Arbitrary Cancellation

There are other worse scenarios – like “Day of the Triffids”. Covid is getting close to that.
Did Orwell forsee the digital revolution? I cant remember, I was a teenager when I read that in 1960’s.

@Akito is right, we can only make the best of what system we live in now. World wars aside, there is very little evidence of individuals being able to change the big picture, even collectively


@nevj Just one little request: Please spare us Web 3.0 bullshit in this forum. Pleeeeease!


Pretty much anything that sounds like Buzzword Number Dot Oh to me, is immediately ignored by myself. The Dot Oh already triggers me. Like, yeah, it’s the third version, you don’t have to append a senseless Dot Oh to that version, to make it sound all techy for people who barely know how to turn on a computer…

In my opinion, this Dot Oh crap is 99% of the time just another clickbaity way to make money with articles written by “journalists” who wouldn’t have the ability to differentiate my ass from a chicken in space…

The biggest disillusion about clickbait I got was 2016/2017.
Everyone was like:

BITCOIN IS IN A BUBBLE, IT’S OVER $2000, NOW!!! YOU HAVE TO SELL!!!111111111!!1111!!! YOU HAVE TO SELL!111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

4 years later and Bitcoin’s price increased to more than 1500% compared to that “$2000 bubble” a couple of years ago…

Fuck clickbaits!

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Hi @Mina ,
OK lets cut it

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Now there’s a 10 minute read that I will never get back.