Any Debian based distros with Pipewire installed out of the box?

This is a multiple question actually…

Is Pipewire that much better than PulseAudio?

FxSound on Windows 11 is just the best IMHO.

Have tried PulseEffects recently on KDE Neon, and it does not compare to FxSound.

Ubuntu 23.04 will use Pipewire. I will probably look at that in a VM at some point.

Probably best to wait a short time for this >

The newer version of PipeWire that will be present in Debian 12, and that is currently present in Debian Testing/Unstable, has vastly improved compatibility and reliability, and is also much easier to configure as a replacement.

Specifically this bit

Seems that it will be a lot better.

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Yup, just a bit more patience… :wink: