Any free Linux command books in English?

hi wonder if it is any commandbooks thats free? thanks only find in other languages

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I’m assuming that by command books your talking about linux bash or terminal commnads?
There are a great many books. But you can also get a lot of tutorial on line free. Most are in English. here are a few.
command line commands
Command line for beginners
list of commands
That’s a good starting point.
As to books this one is good , but expensive.
Command Line Bible
Good luck.


I created this list sometimes ago. You’ll find plenty of free Linux books in English and completely legal to download:


In my opinion, has great books
and you can find one for Linux - Linux® Notes for Professionals book
(don’t be intimidated by the word “Professionals” on the book)


Although it’s not a book … the following on line course may help

Yes it is free unless you want the certificate (no value in real world)

But if that is too hard then

I enjoyed this one myself although it covered a lot I already know

I am not connected to edx or any of these education places

Just for info


I am currently using "the Linux Command Line 3rd edition by William Shotts. Easy to read and understand.


I am also reading the same Book. Only I am reading fourth Internet edition
Thanks to:
you can find book at this location

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You can find a lot of free Books on these Site:

There are a lot of Books here. Everyone will find something.
These are only IT Books

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Just to point up.
If you register on RedHat website, there you can find lots and lots great detail explained step-by-step of, like all problems. all jokes aside, there i find a lost’s of solution for my issues.
and + tons of, like, cheat-sheet pdf like on

And ofc, there is internet =)

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I found few more books.

Linux® Notes for Professionals book

Bash Notes for Professionals book

At the bottom on every book you can find links to other Books: SQL, PHP, Python…